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Collaboration Partnerships



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FLOCK was recently added to the options provided to Lateral Might 2.0 clients. After listening to Michal, Flock Managing Director, speak at a seminar during the Manchester DIgital TechFest 2020 we swapped business cards, possibly my last business card I picked up Pre-Covid restrictions.


I eventually dropped Michal an email about his online survey bot. We had a brilliant conversation over video conference resulting in me piloting the report on myself, posting it on Twitter. I then piloted the product further with clients and assessed the outcome. 

There was significant value for me as a coach, a 90-minute values session now takes only 5 minutes of client time. The client also receives excellent insight and ongoing development with growth activities. A perfect result. 

The tool now makes up part of my service offering. Thanks, Michal and Flock.

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