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Business Support

Are you a business owner looking to implement change, explore opportunities, get unstuck, accelerate the decision-making process and deliver success for your business and yourself? If so, business coaching or mentoring may be the right solution for you.

Beyond the core coaching Benefits, you will focus on what is important in your business based on our coaching experience and your business ownership expertise. With the experience and knowledge of the coach, you will be encouraged, empowered and enthused to deliver success in the following business areas.

  • Business Vision

A framework will be provided to focus on the way forward for your business in terms of defining your business strategy. This will include your three-year target and your one-year picture based on your version of success.

  • Embedded Core Values

An exercise to establish what the business culture really looks and feels like and the impact it can have on your team, your clients/customers, suppliers and key stakeholders

  • Lead Generation

An approach will be available to map out your business lead generation strategy and to monitor progress and insights over a rolling three-month cycle.

  • Future People Structure

Based on the Business Vision and the Lead Generation plan a resource structure will be designed to underpin and deliver the future-focused business plan. 

  • Insight Determination

An often neglected or ignored area of business management. Well-defined insights for your industry or your business provide the ability to determine progress, achievement and ultimately success for your business

Business Coaching is available to sole traders, individual company directors and co-founders as duo coaching.

Coaching for You

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring can be delivered in a variety of ways, including in-person, online or via video calls. To get started, contact Graham Little who can assist you in assessing your needs and developing a plan with you to move your business or career forward.

Coaching Suite

This is a private and confidential space where you can meet with your coach or mentor in person based in Lavister, Wrexham, Wales.

Client Premise

This option allows you to meet with your coach or mentor at your business location within a 30 minute commute from Chester, UK.

Google Meets Online

This online option allows you to meet with your coach or mentor from anywhere in the world having coached clients in the UK, Jersey, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Facilitation for You

Business Board Facilitation

Your Business Board is a monthly meeting for business owners across Wirral, North Wales, and Cheshire who recognise the value of external guidance and support.

Gladstone Library

There are currently two Your Business Board meeting groups who meet 10 times a year at Gladstone Library. Book as a guest to see if we’re a good fit for you and your business. Book as a guest to see if we’re a good fit for you and your business. Get in touch today!


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