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Lateral Might 2.0 provide professional business performance coaching tailored to you and your business using a collaborative process involving your input, time and thinking space.


Business Coaching designed and tailored individually for each Business Owner looking to successfully grow and develop their business or personally.

  • Be Inspired to achieve clarity of purpose.

  • Be Encouraged to think critically & strategically.

  • Be Empowered to make the right decisions & get focused.

  • Be Motivated to take impactful action & deliver results.

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Business owner coaching and mentorship providing a positive disruption to your strategy and operational delivery.



The business and personal benefits of coaching are identified during the discovery phase and reviewed regularly as things change. Here are a few examples of the benefits experienced so far.


  • Unleashed Intuition A catalyst to trusting your gut instinct to make the right business decisions for you and your business.

  • Future Focused An ability to identify targets that have a purpose and benefit with measured and time-bound actions to move you and your business forward.

  • Safe Space A broader business shoulder allowing you to be refreshingly honest about your business and yourself.

  • Ideation Analysis A sounding board to bounce ideas off, ultimately turning business dreams and ideas into reality.

  • Impactful Change Make the change that will have the right impact on you and your business.

To find out more about the Lateral Might 2.0 Business Coaching Services please  Book a Free Consultation 

‘Graham has a great knack for asking questions and getting you (me) to speak openly about what's been on my mind. In many ways he's been the shoulder to lean on, confide in and ultimately allow me to talk through the challenge.’

Owner Outsourced IT Provider



The Lateral Might 2.0 coaching approach is flexible and focuses on what the business owner is looking to achieve, thinking about delivering or feeling that something needs to change.


Through the coaching process, Lateral Might 2.0 will notice and introduce relevant Business Topics for further exploration and analysis. Business Topics could include

  • Strategic - Looking at your exit plan, business strategy or business plan.

  • Commercial - Assessing your customers, marketing and suppliers.

  • Operational - Reviewing service, product and distribution requirements.

  • Structural - Considering staff, process, systems or skills needed.

  • Cultural - Mindful of values, leadership style or behaviour.

  • Personal - Noticing levels of motivation, confidence, resilience. 

  • Financial - Analysing income, costs and cash status.

To find out more about the Lateral Might 2.0 Business Coaching Services please  Book a Free Consultation 

‘This man is absolutely superb at what he does, forever opening the thought processes which can be lost running a business day to day. He is there for you when you need advice/ insight or even a moral boost. Speak to him, guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

Family Boutique Furniture Retailer



Lateral Might 2.0 has collated numerous tools to support the Business Coaching process to allow business owners to develop and grow in a structured way. Tools will be introduced at the start of the coaching journey to allow the business owner to explore their business and start the strategic and critical thinking process.


During coaching sessions or between coaching sessions, as development opportunities, tools will be introduced to benefit business insight and personal growth.


An example of the Tools used are as follows


Strategic Planning

  • SCOR (Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, Risks) + Impact Analysis

  • Business Modelling

  • Planning - Exit, Business and Functional​


Business Requirement


Sales & Marketing

  • Ideal Customer Review, Sales Analysis Funnel, Pipeline & Cycle

  • Marketing Avatar, Approach,

  • Digital Media Calendar​

Personal Development

  • Time Mastery

  • Life/Business Integration,

  • Important vs. Urgent Analysis

To find out more about the Lateral Might 2.0 Business Coaching Services please  Book a Free Consultation 

‘His input and questions have really helped me rethink the direction of my business and I highly recommend anyone who is struggling to make those big decisions or is unsure on their current direction to have a consultation with Graham and let him work his magic.’

Owner Digital Marketing Agency

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