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Business Coaching is for business owners looking to implement change, explore opportunities, getting unstuck and deliver success for their business and for themselves. Coaching is about providing a positive disruption to strategy and operational delivery.


Executive Coaching is a bespoke 121 coaching approach supporting Directors or CxO's who have recently changed roles focusing on their leadership style, boosting confidence, exploring challenges, focused career ownership and finding motivation.

High Potential

High Potential Coaching is a personal impact coaching programme supporting HR Directors or providing Business Owners with the opportunity to develop ambitious high potential employees focusing on boosting confidence, strengthening resilience and empowering stakeholder management.


Business Support includes Meeting Facilitation, Process Mapping, Strategy Development and a Membership based Business Board. These services are designed to allow you as the owner to focus on the business and to take success to the next level.


Personal Development is about raising your personal understanding of how you can build successful relationships with others and achieve a greater self-awareness of your values. Ultimately this will make a difference on your business as well as your personal life.



Coaching is about YOU and our goal together is to generate success in your business, your career and in your personal life. Here are some examples of what my coaching clients have achieved

Revitalised Energy for business and life by integrating both with focus and clarity.

Accelerated Decisions by taking time out in an innovative space to think through the steps required to actually move their business forward and unleash intuition.

Empowered Collaborative relationships with their customers, clients, suppliers, team and family.

Heightened Awareness regarding their business resilience, individual competencies and improved personal confidence.

Boosted Effectiveness in their business for them and their team resulting in a greater impact with others.

The Coach
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The Coach


Graham Little BSc PgD CA is an independent, accredited, and professional Business and Executive Coach based in Chester. He provides face to face coaching across the North West of England and North Wales and online coaching across the UK and Asia. 

Chartered Accountant with 25 years of corporate experience as a Business Consultant, a Board Member and an IT Director. Graham's corporate background covers Professional Services, FMCG, Distribution, and Chemical industries.


Through coaching, Graham successfully supports business owners, their management teams, Executives, HR Directors and their employees in several industries including Retail, Digital, Creative, Distribution, Manufacturing, Engineering, FinTech, Professional Basketball and Marketing.


Graham has a consultative coaching style that is personal, effectively measured, results focussed and professionally challenging. Graham utilises his coaching, consulting, mentoring and facilitation competencies to be a Positive Influence for his clients.

Coaching Fees

Lateral Might 2.0 - Business Coaching for Sole Traders

Three 60 minute coaching sessions

One business topic selected for review.

One coaching session per month.

One Personality Profile Questionnaire

One Values Survey Bot

Lateral Might 2.0 Business Coaching Toolkit.

Three months to complete all sessions

Client Testimonials

Chattels of Chester

Managing Director

This man is absolutely superb at what he does, forever opening the thought processes which can be lost running a business day to day. He is there for you when you need advice/ insight or even a morale boost. Speak to him, guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

The Social Desk

Managing Director

His input and questions have really helped me rethink the direction of my business and I highly recommend anyone who is struggling to make those big decisions or is unsure on their current direction to have a consultation with Graham and let him work his magic.

Think Cirrus Logo

Managing Director

Graham has a great knack for asking questions and getting you (me) to speak openly about what's been on my mind. In many ways he's been the shoulder to lean on, confide in and ultimately allow me to talk through the challenge.

Ed - Presenter and Journalist based in Australia

Presenter & Journalist

I would strongly recommend Graham’s coaching services, no matter what aspects of your life you’re wanting to improve upon. Talking with Graham feels like you’re talking with an old friend who genuinely has your best interests at heart.

Emily a Health Nutritionist

Health Nutritionist

Working with Graham has, without being too dramatic, changed my life. I can’t recommend Graham enough, he is extremely patient, understanding, non-judgemental and reliable. The coaching process as a whole has been amazing and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Olivia a Company Director

Company Director

Graham managed to shift my perspective and enabled me to move forwards, and one big goal for which he really effectively asked me how I would feel in a month’s time if I didn’t take action, which was sufficiently powerful for me to move forward with this big goal immediately,

Trevor business owner

Retail Director

Firm but fair questioning and advice from leaders across a wealth of different businesses. All expertly lead and hosted by Graham

Lisa a Partner at a Wirral Based Accountancy Firm

Accountancy Partner

I really found it helpful to speak honestly and get honest feedback, as well as listening to others and hopefully can help some along the way.  If nothing else, I think accountability really helps

Rachael VA to Female Coaches


All I can say is how amazing it has been on both a personal and a business level. There have been so many lightbulb moments. Ideas I had not thought about and I would be carrying on plodding, working ridiculous hours.

Contact Me

Contact Me

Graham Little
Business & Executive Coach
Lateral Might 2.0

Chester Road



LL12 0DF
+44 (0)7776 171 123

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